About Us

We love to fish!  Before we got married we knew fishing would be a big part of our lives.  Now as the FishingDuo, we combine our decades of fishing experience.  Whether it is salmon fishing around the Pacific Northwest or traveling in search of monster bass and walleye, we love to keep learning more about our favorite sport.

Together, we started this blog to entertain, educate and share our knowledge with others.  We certainly don’t know everything and writing on the FishingDuo blog is a great way to keep up with new techniques, gear and fishing opportunities.  We spend countless hours on the water developing our skills and putting into practice what we write.

Check back often for new articles and great advice to help you catch more fish!  


Joshua grew up fishing small streams and high mountain lakes in the Cascade mountains for wild cutthroat and brook trout.  He has since become a walleye addict.  Throw in a few plump smallmouth for good measure and life is good!  His biggest walleye to date is a 30 inch beauty, weighing in at 11.5 pounds.


Kendle was raised in a family dedicated to the outdoors.  Her childhood is filled with fishing adventures.  She has chased salmon from Ucluelet to the Puget Sound and teased fish from the most challenging of wilderness streams.  She is particularly adept at out fishing her husband wherever they go and loves to pursue trout in the wild rivers of the Northwest.