About Us

Joshua and Kendle

Welcome to FishingDuo.com.  We are the FishingDuo!  Together, we have a passion for developing our knowledge and love of all things fishing.  With over 50 combined years of fishing experience, we have gained unique insights and skills that we feel are worth sharing.  

Our Pacific Northwest home gives us access to amazingly diverse fisheries.  We explore everything from surf fishing the Pacific Coast to ice fishing high desert lakes in the winter.  And no species of game fish is off limits.  We are equally thrilled catching 30 inch walleye as we are targeting beautiful stocked rainbow trout.  Even if we are simply looking to toss a few panfish in the boat, you’ll likely find us casting our lines year round.  In fact, we successfully completed our goal to fish every month out of the year while keeping track of how many fish we caught.  Our best year yet has been a whopping 1000 fish!

To further fuel our joy of fishing, we also love sharing our knowledge with others.  We created this website together to do just that.  But that’s not all we have done to help our fellow anglers.  We’ve also written the only Washington State Ice Fishing Book currently available.  Plus, we are working on growing the FishingDuo Youtube Channel as an additional resource to help anglers, no matter their skill level. 

Fishing is a lifelong pursuit for us as we hope it is for you.  Even if you just have a casual interest in fishing, we are glad you joined us and we hope you learn something new along the way.


Joshua and Kendle