How-to Guides

How To Land Big Fish From A Pier Like A Boss

Each time you cast a lure from a pier, there’s the underlying thrill of catching the unknown.  Everything from small surfperch along the Pacific Coast to giant red drum on the East Coast is a possibility.  Which means you need to be ready for anything. While we all love planning […]

Spool Up Your Spinning Reels Right For Less Line Twist

You could have the best gear available but an incorrectly spooled spinning reel can ruin a day of fishing.  Spool up wrong and you either get line billowing off the reel or you get a tangled mess because of extreme line twist.  Unfortunately, putting line on a spinning reel is […]

Boost Your Surf Fishing Success With The Night Bite

Nothing beats a sunny day of surf fishing on the beach, right?  At least that’s what we used to believe.  Then, we discovered the night bite.   Surf fishing at night presents a whole new slew of challenges for even the most experienced surf anglers among us.  But it might […]

How To Ice Fish For Stocked Trout Like A Boss

As much as we like catching hard water walleye, perch and crappie, few fish get our blood pumping like stocked trout.  These cold water beauties are full of spunk and are a blast to catch.  Unlike other freshwater fish, trout (including rainbow, tiger, brown and brook trout) don’t always seek […]

Ultimate Ice Fishing Guide To Catch More Big Perch

For a fish that seldom grows larger than 12 inches, yellow perch get ice anglers fired up  with excitement like no other fish can.  Ice fishing for perch is almost an obsession.  It hits every winter and sticks around long after the ice has disappeared.   Yellow perch happen to […]