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11 Best Surf Fishing Lures You Need to Try

Blue skies, soft sand and endless schools of big, beautiful fish swimming along miles of coastline.  What’s not to like about surf fishing?  Whether you are fishing the Pacific or the Atlantic, surf fishing is an addicting sport that’s easy for all anglers to enjoy. The best part about surf […]

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6 Best Lakes for Big Kokanee in Washington State

The demand for quality kokanee fishing has reached a new level in Washington State.  As fewer salmon and steelhead return to Puget Sound tributaries, more anglers are embracing the thrill of catching kokanee.   Kokanee salmon are a landlocked sockeye salmon which are heavily stocked in Washington lakes and reservoirs.  […]

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How to Find Crappie on a New Lake

I can’t think of anything more frustrating than going to a new lake and not finding fish.  With fish that seem easy to catch, such as crappie, getting skunked just adds insult to injury.   On a lake you know and fish often, finding crappie is straight forward.  Just go […]