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9 Best Smallmouth Bass Lures That Won’t Let You Down

Smallmouth bass may not garner the same following as their largemouth counterparts but that doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of a well stocked tackle box.   If you already have your largemouth bass arsenal bulked up, then you’re halfway there.  With a few tweaks, you can hone your lure selection […]

6 Best Ice Fishing Spinning Reels Tested And Ranked

Shopping for a spinning reel for ice fishing shouldn’t be guess work.  And you definitely don’t want to trust just any Amazon recommended list to pick your reels.  You need reels you can reliably trust on the ice. At the same time, we get that outfitting a bunch of ice […]

Best Ice Fishing Shelters For Any Situation

Addicted to ice fishing?  So are we, and hardly anything keeps us off the ice.  Except maybe sideways snow and brutal cold.  But even then, we’ve learned that a good ice fishing shelter makes bad weather downright pleasant to fish in.   An ice fishing hub style pop-up lets you […]

Everything You Need To Know About Deadstick Ice Fishing

You’d be hard pressed to find an angler who hasn’t, at some point, employed the use of a deadstick on the ice.  Certainly, everyone loves to bounce from hole to hole jigging with the latest lures.  Yet, few tactics are as reliably successful as deadsticking on the ice. Never heard […]