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7 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Walleye Without Equal

No gamefish captivates avid ice anglers like the walleye.  Everything from their thrilling aggression to the their mouth watering fillets drives anglers to the point of obsession.  Each year thousands take to the ice in pursuit of big “eyes” that lurk below. Ice fishing for walleye is a subtle art.  […]

Dakota Lithium Batteries: Ultimate Review for Anglers

Now, more than ever, our fishing adventures are battery powered.  As modern anglers, we rely heavily on fish finders, electric trolling motors and smartphones.  Whether we are on the ice or in a boat, we need to reliably power our electronics all day to help us catch more fish. Lead […]

Flasher vs. Camera: What’s Better for Ice Fishing

With all the new ice fishing technology, fish hardly stand a chance.  Today’s flashers are more sensitive than ever and underwater camera technology continues to gain momentum.   All these electronics are obviously a great boon for modern day ice anglers.  Yet, deciding which to buy is fraught with its […]