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Can You Put Downriggers on a Pontoon Boat

There seems to be a growing number of anglers fishing out of pontoon boats, and for good reason.  Whether you fish for panfish, bass, trout, kokanee or stripers, pontoon boats are amazingly comfortable to fish from.   So, it’s no surprise that more anglers are outfitting their pontoon boats to […]

What Pound Test Line Is Best For Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is one of those things where having the right equipment makes all the difference.  Get the ingredients right and you’ll find more bass, hook more bass and consistently, catch bigger bass.   One of the most critical components to a well tuned bass fishing setup is your fishing […]

9 Best Ice Fishing Rods Actually Worth Buying

It’s probably fair to say that ice anglers are a bunch of gear junkies.  We love all the tackle, tip-ups, ice augers and flashers.  But most of all, we love collecting an assortment of ice fishing rods.  Rods for jigging, rods for deadsticking and even ice rods for different species. […]