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Helix 7 Ice Conversion Kit: Complete Review

Stepping into the world of ice fishing is a bit daunting for the newly initiated.  One of the more intimidating topics is ice fishing electronics.  From basic flashers to the most advanced technology like the Garmin Panoptix, picking the right fish finder is tough.  Luckily, open water anglers that have […]

5 Best Trolling Rods for Trout: Our Top Picks

Just about every angler we know has tried trolling for trout.  It is a highly effective fishing method that allows you to cover lots of water and catch more fish.   What we love most about trolling is the process of refining your gear to achieve the optimum setup for […]

11 Best Surf Fishing Lures You Need to Try

Blue skies, soft sand and endless schools of big, beautiful fish swimming along miles of coastline.  What’s not to like about surf fishing?  Whether you are fishing the Pacific or the Atlantic, surf fishing is an addicting sport that’s easy for all anglers to enjoy. The best part about surf […]

Are Rubber Nets Better for Fish

Anglers around the world are practicing catch-and-release fishing more than ever before.  With an eye towards conservation and ethical fishing habits, taking care of the fish we catch means better fishing opportunities for everyone.   Nets have come a long ways since I scooped up my first trout.  That nylon […]

Best Fishing Line for Trout in all Situations

Nothing makes an angler second guess themselves like trying to pick the best fishing line.  It literally takes an entire wall at a sporting goods store to display all the types and brands of line.  The more time I spend looking, the more confused I get.  Not to mention, I […]

7 Best Rods For Surfperch Fishing (Our Top Picks)

Without question, rigging up with the right tackle and gear is the best way to increase your odds of success.  It’s true for bass, it’s true for trout and it’s also true for surfperch fishing on the Pacific Coast.   Getting outfitted to yard brawny surfperch straight out of the […]