Fishing Advice

The Right Size Bass Fishing Rod For Every Situation

It’s not uncommon to see a bass fisherman with at least half a dozen rods stacked in the bottom of their boat for a single day on the lake.  The reason for that is simple.  Each rod is tailored towards a specific technique and rigged with a different lure.  That […]

11 Biggest Ice Fishing Mistakes That Are Costing You Fish

A zero fish day is a frustration we don’t wish on any of our fellow ice anglers.  It’s a painful failure that leaves you wondering what went wrong.  Trust me, we’ve been there. Yet, consistently catching limits of fish through the ice takes more than luck.  It takes good planning, […]

Are Custom Ice Fishing Rods Worth It: An Honest Answer

Without a doubt, quality matters when it comes to ice fishing gear.  After all, it has to handle brutal conditions while still performing flawlessly every time.  One piece of gear that takes the brunt of our abuses and is vital for fishing success is our rods. Ice fishing rods are […]