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11 Biggest Ice Fishing Mistakes That Are Costing You Fish

A zero fish day is a frustration we don’t wish on any of our fellow ice anglers.  It’s a painful failure that leaves you wondering what went wrong.  Trust me, we’ve been there. Yet, consistently catching limits of fish through the ice takes more than luck.  It takes good planning, […]

Are Custom Ice Fishing Rods Worth It: An Honest Answer

Without a doubt, quality matters when it comes to ice fishing gear.  After all, it has to handle brutal conditions while still performing flawlessly every time.  One piece of gear that takes the brunt of our abuses and is vital for fishing success is our rods. Ice fishing rods are […]

Can You Fish In Lakes With Algae Blooms

With summer heat comes warmer water and algae.  Algae blooms are a fact of life for many anglers and shouldn’t be the reason for staying home.  You wouldn’t be the first person to show up at the boat launch only to turn tail when you see a dense green film […]

9 Lakes with Exceptional Bass Fishing in Washington State

I once mentioned to a few out-of-state anglers that Washington actually boasts some of the finest bass fishing in the West.  That comment drew a few doubtful smirks.  Sure, maybe Washington State has world class salmon and steelhead action but bass?  No way.   Believe it or not, Washington State […]

Where Do You Keep Fish In A Kayak

Using kayaks is one of the most accessible ways for just about anyone to level up their fishing game.  Once I graduated from being shore bound to a mobile kayak angler, I started catching way more fish.  But that posed a new dilemma for me.  Where do you keep all […]

Can You Put Downriggers on a Pontoon Boat

There seems to be a growing number of anglers fishing out of pontoon boats, and for good reason.  Whether you fish for panfish, bass, trout, kokanee or stripers, pontoon boats are amazingly comfortable to fish from.   So, it’s no surprise that more anglers are outfitting their pontoon boats to […]