Fishing Advice

Do Loud Noises and Talking Affect Fishing

I can still remember the scornful looks from fellow anglers as I tromped down the dock along side my uncle many years ago, all while talking a million miles an hour about the fish I was going to catch.  My uncle, sensing slight distain from the gentlemen next to us, […]

Southern California Surfperch Fishing: 5 Beaches to Try

What’s not to like about Southern California?  Warm sand, beautiful sunsets and miles of Pacific Coast beaches teaming with countless species of fish.  Fishing opportunities along the SoCal coast are endless and nothing beats the fun of surfperch fishing. The primary perch species along the southern stretches of California include […]

Trolling Perfection: Best Speeds for 11 Popular Game Fish

I’ll be the first to admit, fishing is not easy.  With so many variables to consider, it’s a small miracle when we can consistently catch fish while trolling.  Everything from water temperature, time of day, depth, lure color and line choice can impact your ability to catch fish.  One of […]

9 Best Lakes for Perch Fishing in Washington State

Washington State has one of the most diverse fisheries in the world.  You can target salmon in coastal waters and walleye in the desert… all in the same day!  With so many fishing options, it’s no wonder that yellow perch get overlooked by so many anglers. While perch certainly don’t […]