Author: Joshua

How to Find and Catch Fish in Rivers

Whether fishing in a large river or a small stream, learning to read the currents of the water will help you catch more fish.  It is a skill that requires practice but it is well worth the effort. The easiest way to find more, and bigger, fish in rivers is […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Kayak for Fishing

If you feel limited by shore fishing or you are intimidated by the expense and hassle of owning a motor boat, then a kayak may be right for you.  After many years of fishing from kayaks, I have come to appreciate the benefits they offer.  Here are 7 reasons why […]

How to Easily Catch Trout from Shore

With all the modern fishing gear available today, it is easy to get overwhelmed by complex techniques and expensive lures.  If you are just learning how to fish, or even if you are an experienced angler, using basic equipment from shore is rewarding and often very successful. So what is […]

Fishing with Kids: 12 tips for a safe and memorable day

Some of my best childhood memories are from when I first learned to fish.  My passion for the outdoors and love for all things fishing began the day I caught my first fish. Taking a child fishing is immensely rewarding and equally challenging.  Having a fun day of fishing depends […]

Dating 101: Go on a Fishing Date

Dating can be hard.  Awkward silence, bad food and a stupid joke told at just the wrong moment.  There are many ways to make it all go horribly wrong.   Instead of a cliche date to a movie and dinner, try going on a fishing date, where awkward silence can […]