Author: Joshua

Want To Build Your Own Fishing Rod: Read This First

Anyone who has been fishing long enough knows that refining their tactics and customizing gear is a huge part of advancing their skills on the water.  After all, the pros are pros for a reason.  Sure, they spend thousands of hours on the water but they also have learned how […]

Don’t Miss The Best Time For Topwater Bass Fishing

Nothing beats the thrill of a topwater bite and you won’t find many anglers who disagree.  After all, who doesn’t love the surge of adrenaline when a bass blows up on a popper as it bubbles across the water?  It’s excitement unmatched by any other bass fishing technique, so it’s […]

The Right Size Bass Fishing Rod For Every Situation

It’s not uncommon to see a bass fisherman with at least half a dozen rods stacked in the bottom of their boat for a single day on the lake.  The reason for that is simple.  Each rod is tailored towards a specific technique and rigged with a different lure.  That […]