Author: Kendle

7 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Perch That Never Fail

Mark your calendars because ice fishing season is upon us.  There are plenty of species to chase beneath the ice but none induce as much fervor among avid ice anglers as the yellow perch.   Anglers across the country storm the ice, itching to fill their buckets with limits of […]

Fiberglass vs. Graphite Ice Rods: Which is Better

Ice anglers really only have two main choices when it comes to rod materials and that’s fiberglass and graphite.  There is plenty of debate as to which material is the best for ice fishing but it ultimately boils down to deciding what is right for you. Each material has its […]

Best Ice Fishing in Oregon: Top 7 Lakes to Try

It’s safe to say that Oregon is not usually listed as a top destination for avid ice anglers.  But don’t let the lack of notoriety fool you.   Locals know that some of the best winter fishing is through the ice and it’s still a well kept secret.  When the […]

Best Ice Fishing Safety Picks and Why You Need Them

Ice fishing season is finally here and oh boy, are we excited!  While drilling holes and catching fish is our focus, we never loose sight of safety.  And neither should you. Ice fishing without the right safety gear, or the common sense to go along with it, results in accidents […]