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How to Troll in Deep Water without Downriggers

Trolling is a great way to cover lots of water and find more fish, but getting outfitted to catch “the big one” in deep water can seem like a daunting task.  Downriggers certainly make reaching greater depths easier.  However, for those of you with small boats or kayaks, it may […]

How to Keep a Dry Fly from Sinking

Few things in fishing beat the thrill of watching a big trout rise to the surface and gulp down a dry fly.  It takes practice and skill when making a perfect cast to a rising trout, but nothing spoils the moment like a dry fly that refuses to float.  Have […]

Fishing the 6 most popular National Parks

If you are planning a fishing trip to a national park this season, this article is for you.  Many hours of research and many more hours with my line in the water resulted in the creation of this post. Whenever I visit a national park, I am always amazed at […]