Fishing Advice

Does Old Fishing Line Go Bad

If you’re from a family that loves to fish, I’m willing to bet there is at least one spool of fishing line in your house that is more than a few years old.  My dad is still using a 3,200 yard spool of 4 pound test bought over 20 years […]

Is Fishing Better During a Full Moon

There is no denying that the moon has a powerful pull on our earth.  It stabilizes the earth’s wobble as it spins and is the primary source of tidal movements that affect global weather and the lives of most ocean dwellers.   Well, that got me thinking.  If the moon […]

Trolling for Kokanee Without Downriggers

So many people miss out on the thrill of catching kokanee because they hear that you need to troll with downriggers.  Downriggers certainly make the job easier but they are not required for success.   If you want to consistently fill your stringer with kokanee, then I suggest you read […]

How Much Does it Cost to Start Tying Flies

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a big rainbow rise to a dry fly tied by your own hands.  Whether you are new to the sport of fly fishing or a seasoned pro, you have probably thought about learning to tie flies.   Before I jumped down the rabbit […]

Are You Allowed to Fish on Golf Courses

Every angler who has played a round of golf has also probably dreamed of fishing in the golf course pond.  We all hear stories of lunker bass just waiting to be caught along the fairway and plenty of Youtube anglers have proven that monster bass exist in these ponds.   […]