Fishing Advice

Can You Fly Fish in the Rain

Not everyone has the luxury of time to go fishing as often as they want.  Maybe you only have the weekends, or a day here and there, to devote to fly fishing. It can be especially frustrating when the clouds loom overhead and the rain starts as you make the […]

Do You Need Waders to Fly Fish

When I began fly fishing several years ago it was very overwhelming.  There is so much to learn and a huge selection of gear.  I finally bought my first fly rod and a few flies.  As I was wading across a cold creek I began to wonder, do I need […]

Do You Need 4-Wheel Drive to Pull a Boat

Go to a busy boat launch on the weekend and you won’t wait long to see how easy it is to get stuck in line for hours.  All it takes is one person with a boat that is too big matched with a truck that is too small.  If you […]