Fishing Advice

Is Deep Sea Fishing Worth the Money

The long rainy days of the Pacific Northwest make it easy to start day dreaming of deep sea fishing under warm, blues skies on even bluer water.  But reality set in when I started looking at the cost of deep sea charters.  I began to wonder, is deep sea fishing […]

Do Glow in the Dark Lures Work

Glow in the dark lures are nothing new and I have met many anglers who swear they hooked huge fish with them and others who claim it is a gimmick.  Hard core anglers are always trying to find an edge that lands them more and bigger fish.  So I started […]

Are Fish Mounts Made from Real Fish

If you have ever spent time in a big sporting goods store, like Bass Pro Shops, then you surely have noticed all the incredible fish mounted on the walls.  Most anglers gaze up with envy at everything from huge marlin to jumbo bass, but have you ever wondered if those […]

Is Powerbait Considered Live Bait

Powerbait is one of the most popular fishing baits, and for good reason.  It catches lots of fish, especially stocked trout.  Chances are you have used some yourself.  It is still my choice of bait when fishing on opening day in the spring.  As more and more people join the […]

Is Fly Fishing Expensive: Getting Started on a Budget

For some reason fly fishing always seems to be portrayed as an elite form of fishing that only the most experienced anglers with the fattest wallets can try.   Before I started fly fishing, I always thought that it was more expensive than conventional fishing, but nothing could be further […]

Is it Legal to Fish at Night

We have all heard stories about giant fish that stalk the shallows at night.  Or feeding frenzies that carry on through the wee hours of morning only to cease as the sun rises.  Many warm water fish species like catfish, bass and crappie are often targeted by anglers during the […]