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Trolling Perfection: Best Speeds for 11 Popular Game Fish

I’ll be the first to admit, fishing is not easy.  With so many variables to consider, it’s a small miracle when we can consistently catch fish while trolling.  Everything from water temperature, time of day, depth, lure color and line choice can impact your ability to catch fish.  One of […]

How to Successfully Fly Fish from Shore

All too often beginner fly anglers think that fly fishing requires a lot of space.  Therefore, most people assume catching fish means using a float tube, boat or wading into the water.   From my own personal experience, I have learned that’s not always the case.  Whether I’m hiking to […]

A Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Fishing Gear

After a long day and a cooler full of fish, your fishing gear is going to be nasty.  Slime, blood and bait grime is going to get on your rod, reel and just about anything you touch for that matter.  It’s a simple fact of life for anglers. Yeah, I […]

Proven Tips to Reduce Snags While Fishing

I consider myself a patient person but there are some things that raise my blood pressure while fishing.  Tangled line, crowded boat launches and snagged lures are among the top offenders. Fishing line is cheap and I can get to the launch earlier but a snagged lure wastes time and […]