How-to Guides

The Complete Angler’s Guide to Walleye Shore Fishing

Dial up your bank fishing expertise and get ready for a fish fry!  That’s right, walleye are not just reserved for boat anglers.  Some of the best walleye fishing spots are only a  single cast from shore. With some basic understanding of seasonal movements and a few tweaks to your […]

Can You Bring Fish Back To The US From Canada

It’s no secret that Canada has some of the finest fishing on the North American continent.  From halibut and salmon on the Pacific coast to walleye and crappie found among thousands of Manitoba lakes, Canada has it all. Many US anglers are itching to explore the vast fishing opportunities Canada […]

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Tip-up Ice Fishing

Once considered a lazy form of fishing, tip-up ice fishing is fast becoming a key tactic among amateur and professional anglers alike.  Tip-ups are a powerful tool for combing large areas to find trophy fish.   If you ever thought of adding tip-ups to your repertoire of angling skills, now […]

The Ultimate Guide to Kokanee Ice Fishing

It’s funny how some things don’t seem possible until someone shows you that it is.  That was the case for me when a buddy asked me to go ice fishing for kokanee salmon.  Come again?   Kokanee has long been one of my favorite open water game fish.  Whether it […]

How to Cut an Ice Fishing Hole Without an Auger

Eight inches of ice was all that stood between me and the fish.  Armed with just an axe, I was determined to cut through to the water below.  With each blow to the ice, I was keenly aware that this was probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. When […]