Author: Kendle

9 Best Lakes for Perch Fishing in Washington State

Washington State has one of the most diverse fisheries in the world.  You can target salmon in coastal waters and walleye in the desert… all in the same day!  With so many fishing options, it’s no wonder that yellow perch get overlooked by so many anglers. While perch certainly don’t […]

Top 5 Beaches for Surfperch Fishing in Northern California

From isolated beaches among towering redwood trees to popular vacation beaches near the city of San Francisco, Northern California has something for everyone.  Especially for anglers looking to experience the thrill of surfperch fishing. That’s right!  Swimming within a single cast of sandy beaches are abundant surfperch just waiting to […]

Is Bowfishing Legal: The Answer for All 50 States

Bowfishing just might be the ultimate fusion of two very popular pastimes, fishing and archery.  As more people take to the outdoors, tracking down shallow water fish with a bow has exploded in popularity. A surge in invasive fish species, like common carp and plenty of Youtube channels showcasing the […]

Can You Bring Fish Back to the US From Canada

It’s no secret that Canada has some of the finest fishing on the North American continent.  From halibut and salmon on the Pacific coast to walleye and crappie found among thousands of Manitoba lakes, Canada has it all. Many US anglers are itching to explore the vast fishing opportunities Canada […]