Author: Kendle

Does Weather Affect Ice Fishing

Most anglers understand that weather can have a huge affect on fish behavior during open water season.  We know how windy days can turn on or off a bite and when to fish during summer storms.   The affect of weather on ice fishing is less intuitive.  I’ve often wondered […]

What is the Best Live Bait for Ice Fishing

There are more baits and lures for ice fishing than ever before.  I sometimes find myself spending more time choosing the best setup than I do fishing.   When the choices overwhelm me, I know it is time to go back to the basics.  Nothing is more basic in ice […]

Can You Use a Regular Fish Finder for Ice Fishing

Without a doubt, fish finders improve fishing success.  It is often said that 90 percent of fish occupy only 10 percent of the fishable water.  Fish finders make finding that 10 percent more likely.  Less guess work and more catching! Many of us have likely fished from a boat equipped […]