Author: Kendle

How to Cut an Ice Fishing Hole Without an Auger

Eight inches of ice was all that stood between me and the fish.  Armed with just an axe, I was determined to cut through to the water below.  With each blow to the ice, I was keenly aware that this was probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. When […]

The Ultimate Guide to Puget Sound Squid Fishing

Each night in the fall and winter, hundreds of anglers pack the local piers of the Puget Sound.  What are they fishing for?  Squid!  If you like calamari, then grab your gear and join in the fun of catching your share of the abundant Puget Sound Market Squid. They’re not […]

Does Old Fishing Line Go Bad

If you’re from a family that loves to fish, I’m willing to bet there is at least one spool of fishing line in your house that is more than a few years old.  My dad is still using a 3,200 yard spool of 4 pound test bought over 20 years […]

Is Fishing Better During a Full Moon

There is no denying that the moon has a powerful pull on our earth.  It stabilizes the earth’s wobble as it spins and is the primary source of tidal movements that affect global weather and the lives of most ocean dwellers.   Well, that got me thinking.  If the moon […]

Can You Fly Fish in the Rain

Not everyone has the luxury of time to go fishing as often as they want.  Maybe you only have the weekends, or a day here and there, to devote to fly fishing. It can be especially frustrating when the clouds loom overhead and the rain starts as you make the […]