Author: Kendle

Do You Need Waders to Fly Fish

When I began fly fishing several years ago it was very overwhelming.  There is so much to learn and a huge selection of gear.  I finally bought my first fly rod and a few flies.  As I was wading across a cold creek I began to wonder, do I need […]

Are Fish Mounts Made from Real Fish

If you have ever spent time in a big sporting goods store, like Bass Pro Shops, then you surely have noticed all the incredible fish mounted on the walls.  Most anglers gaze up with envy at everything from huge marlin to jumbo bass, but have you ever wondered if those […]

How to Keep a Dry Fly from Sinking

Few things in fishing beat the thrill of watching a big trout rise to the surface and gulp down a dry fly.  It takes practice and skill when making a perfect cast to a rising trout, but nothing spoils the moment like a dry fly that refuses to float.  Have […]

Simple Tricks to Get Fish Smell off Your Hands

We all love to catch fish, and there is no better way to prove your success than the fishy smell on your hands.  The notorious smell may be your trophy but not everyone will share your excitement.   After enough disgusted looks and upturned noses, it is time to wash […]