Author: Kendle

Can You Bring Fish Back To The US From Canada

It’s no secret that Canada has some of the finest fishing on the North American continent.  From halibut and salmon on the Pacific coast to walleye and crappie found among thousands of Manitoba lakes, Canada has it all. Many US anglers are itching to explore the vast fishing opportunities Canada […]

Can You Fly Fish With a Regular Fishing Rod

It seems like every type of fishing needs expensive specialty equipment to get started.  Fly fishing is no different.  When I first started fly fishing, I used whatever I had to cast my ugly, hand-tied flies to feeding trout.  That included a regular fishing rod.   So, can you fly […]

State Record Channel Catfish for All 50 States

In many areas across the US, channel catfish are held in high esteem among anglers.  Some would even claim that catfish rank a close second in popularity behind bass and I believe it.   Few fish have garnered the attention like big channel cats.  Deliciously mild meat coupled with their […]

How to Go to the Bathroom While Ice Fishing

If you are spending a day on the ice, eventually, you’ll need to answer nature’s call.  Going to the bathroom while ice fishing can be tricky business, especially for the ladies.   Privacy may not be possible and layers of warm winter clothing make the task slow and uncomfortable.  Guys […]