Ice Fishing

What Is The Best Depth To Ice Fish

Ice fishing in the winter is a challenge to say the least.  It’s hard enough finding fish in the spring and summer, let alone under a layer of ice.  The first step is knowing how fish behave and where they go in ice cold water.   Every species of fish […]

The Ultimate Guide To Kokanee Ice Fishing

It’s funny how some things don’t seem possible until someone shows you that it is.  That was the case for me when a buddy asked me to go ice fishing for kokanee salmon.  Come again?   Kokanee has long been one of my favorite open water game fish.  Whether it […]

Can You Use A Regular Fish Finder For Ice Fishing

Without a doubt, fish finders improve fishing success.  It is often said that 90 percent of fish occupy only 10 percent of the fishable water.  Fish finders make finding that 10 percent more likely.  Less guess work and more catching! Many of us have likely fished from a boat equipped […]

Can You Go Ice Fishing Without Electronics

Modern fish finder technology has given anglers a huge advantage when fishing open water or on the ice.  Finding fish and understanding the underwater terrain has never been easier. However, sonar units and ice fishing flashers are expensive.  And let’s face it, you may only enjoy braving the cold a […]