Ice Fishing

7 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Trout That Never Fail

When all other fish begin to slow down in the winter chill, trout fishing is just starting to heat up.  After seeking refuge in the depths to escape summertime temperatures, winter ice brings renewed vigor to these cold water game fish. Rainbow trout, brown trout, tiger trout, brook trout and […]

Full Comparison: Flasher vs. Fish Finder for Ice Fishing

Of all the gadgets that revolutionized modern ice fishing, none have given anglers the edge like electronics.  Flashers and fish finders have helped anglers of all skill levels consistently catch more fish.   However, just like everything else, the market is flooded with numerous models of ice fishing fish finders.  […]

Does Weather Affect Ice Fishing

Most anglers understand that weather can have a huge affect on fish behavior during open water season.  We know how windy days can turn on or off a bite and when to fish during summer storms.   The affect of weather on ice fishing is less intuitive.  I’ve often wondered […]

21 Essential Tips for Ice Fishing at Night

You may be ready for bed but the bite is not over just because the sun sets.  This is true for open water season and especially true, for ice fishing.   Some of the best action of the day happens within a few hours after sunset and almost every angler […]

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Tip-up Ice Fishing

Once considered a lazy form of fishing, tip-up ice fishing is fast becoming a key tactic among amateur and professional anglers alike.  Tip-ups are a powerful tool for combing large areas to find trophy fish.   If you ever thought of adding tip-ups to your repertoire of angling skills, now […]