Ice Fishing

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Tip-up Ice Fishing

Once considered a lazy form of fishing, tip-up ice fishing is fast becoming a key tactic among amateur and professional anglers alike.  Tip-ups are a powerful tool for combing large areas to find trophy fish.   If you ever thought of adding tip-ups to your repertoire of angling skills, now […]

7 Best Lakes to Ice Fish near Duluth, Minnesota

Minnesota is indeed the “land of 10,000 lakes.”  Although, come winter it turns into the land of 10,000 ice fishing opportunities.  Ice fishing has been a major tradition for many in Minnesota and as popularity in the sport increases, so does the challenge of finding your own secret fishing hole. […]

Can You Use a Regular Rod for Ice Fishing

Winter is on its way and with frigid temperatures comes the best part of the season, ice fishing.  It’s time to break out the ice fishing gear, sharpen the auger blades and hit the ice.   If you are new to ice fishing then you may be wondering what gear […]

What is the Best Live Bait for Ice Fishing

There are more baits and lures for ice fishing than ever before.  I sometimes find myself spending more time choosing the best setup than I do fishing.   When the choices overwhelm me, I know it is time to go back to the basics.  Nothing is more basic in ice […]

What is the Best Depth to Ice Fish

Ice fishing in the winter is a challenge to say the least.  It’s hard enough finding fish in the spring and summer, let alone under a layer of ice.  The first step is knowing how fish behave and where they go in ice cold water.   Every species of fish […]