Ice Fishing

Best Ice Fishing Line for Walleye in all Situations

The fall walleye bite is past and another frozen winter is near.  Alas, don’t despair.  It may be time to hang up the open water fishing gear but the walleye addicts among us are itching to hit the ice and chase big “eyes” once again.  Every ice fishing season I […]

Where to Go Ice Fishing in Washington State

Most anglers don’t think of Washington State as an ice fishing destination.  Especially since lakes seldom freeze in the mild, west coast winters.  Yet, for the intrepid few, finding superb ice fishing is just a quick drive over the Cascade Mountains to Eastern Washington.    The snow capped cascades are […]

Where to Go Ice Fishing Near Denver, Colorado

Without a doubt, Colorado is known for an abundance of outdoor recreation.  Spring and summer welcomes hikers and anglers to miles of trails and gold-medal status fly fishing streams like the South Platte River near Denver.   The arrival of winter snow that draws skiers from across the country to […]

How Big Is An Ice Fishing Hole

It is pretty difficult to go ice fishing without first making a hole in the ice.  As obvious as that may seem, there is still much to consider before cutting your way through the ice for the first time. One of the most common questions asked by beginners and experienced […]

How to go Ice Fishing for Beginners

Fall is past and spring is still months away, but that does not mean the fishing has to stop.  Some of the best fishing of the year waits beneath a sheet of ice.  Ice fishing requires a bit more preparation and planning than fishing open waters in warmer months.   […]