Ice Fishing

How to Go to the Bathroom While Ice Fishing

If you are spending a day on the ice, eventually, you’ll need to answer nature’s call.  Going to the bathroom while ice fishing can be tricky business, especially for the ladies.   Privacy may not be possible and layers of warm winter clothing make the task slow and uncomfortable.  Guys […]

Easy Guide to Tip-up Ice Fishing for Lake Trout

Lake trout are a staple among avid ice anglers for their beauty, size and delicious meat.  Every year thousands of anglers target lakers through the ice hoping for their chance to catch a trophy. Most of us grab our jigging rods and drop down flashy spoons and minnow mimics.  Yet, […]

Don’t Miss the Best Time of Day for Ice Fishing

Anytime is a good time for fishing.  Although, I’ve often wondered if there is an ideal time to catch the most fish while ice fishing.  You always hear that fishing is better around sunrise and sunset but does that apply to ice fishing as well? For those of us who […]