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Best Fishing Line for Trout in all Situations

Nothing makes an angler second guess themselves like trying to pick the best fishing line.  It literally takes an entire wall at a sporting goods store to display all the types and brands of line.  The more time I spend looking, the more confused I get.  Not to mention, I […]

7 Best Rods For Surfperch Fishing (Our Top Picks)

Without question, rigging up with the right tackle and gear is the best way to increase your odds of success.  It’s true for bass, it’s true for trout and it’s also true for surfperch fishing on the Pacific Coast.   Getting outfitted to yard brawny surfperch straight out of the […]

7 Portable Fishing Boats That Fit In Your Truck Bed

Without a doubt, a boat is on every serious angler’s wish list.  You can find more fishing hotspots and truly boost your catch rate.  The only issue is that not every angler wants the expense and hassle of towing, storing and licensing a boat with a trailer.   Whether you’re […]

7 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Trout That Never Fail

When all other fish begin to slow down in the winter chill, trout fishing is just starting to heat up.  After seeking refuge in the depths to escape summertime temperatures, winter ice brings renewed vigor to these cold water game fish. Rainbow trout, brown trout, tiger trout, brook trout and […]

Full Comparison: Flasher vs. Fish Finder for Ice Fishing

Of all the gadgets that revolutionized modern ice fishing, none have given anglers the edge like electronics.  Flashers and fish finders have helped anglers of all skill levels consistently catch more fish.   However, just like everything else, the market is flooded with numerous models of ice fishing fish finders.  […]

Best Ice Fishing Line for Walleye in all Situations

The fall walleye bite is past and another frozen winter is near.  Alas, don’t despair.  It may be time to hang up the open water fishing gear but the walleye addicts among us are itching to hit the ice and chase big “eyes” once again.  Every ice fishing season I […]